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NEWSPosted by Rut-Malin Thu, September 08, 2016 16:05:30

I have been getting curious questions lately about what I am up to nowadays. Which is very nice of course!

Without getting into the personal details, I have been off work for more or less a year due to health related issues. Now that I'm slowly starting to work again, my main focus is to implement my new business likewise exhibition space - Barklund & Co.

While the public events will linger a bit still my own workshop is up and running at the back room at this new premise of mine, located at Hägerstensvägen 145 in Aspudden, Stockholm. I am mostly around on Thursdays and Fridays, give me a ring if you are in the neighbourhood and want to pop by for a coffee and have a look at the place.

This also means that I’m infrequently at my old studio on Maria Skolgata 40. However it is kept in my belonging and both used as a studio place for a couple of other creatives, as well as my stockpile.

For more details about this new exhibition scene visit links below


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